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A word about the selection of adhesives & Adhesives 101--I have selected these adhesives because I have used them and they work well.
If you are using an adhesive and it makes your paper wrinkle, it probably has more water in it than active chemicals.  It probably is less expensive than some brands because water is cheaper to add.  This is also true for laminating and decoupage adhesives.  The more water--the more your paper wrinkles. 
You should protect your glues, decoupage and laminating adhesives from freezing.  Glue that has been frozen looks like cottage cheese.
If you want to perform a thorough  test on an adhesive, the best way to do this is glue 3 sets of items together and put 1 in a sunny window, 2nd in the regrigerator and 3rd in the bathroom.  Of course, this is not an overnite test but will certainly provide you with knowledge of whether the glue you are using is holding up.  This would be especially important if you are selling your artwork.

The Ultimate - Crafter's Pick

Crafter's Ultimate~  I believe it is.  This water based, non-toxic super glue adheres to metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, vinyls, painted and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather, paper and more.  It is great for gluing your favorite found objects to your project.  It is also useable as a water base contact cement for non-porous materials by coating both surfaces, allow it to go clear and them immediately press together.  Replaces toxic glues, cements and hot glue.  A great universal household glue.  Great also for pin backs, jewelry settings and so on.  .  8 ounce size.

Polymer Clay Artists- While attending the CHA, 2005 trade show, I had the opportunity to speak with Maureen Carlson, a well known polymer clay artist.  She uses The Ultimate by Crafters Pick for adhering her polymer clay creations.  I took a class with her and we used it to adhere clay to paper.  Worked great.


Crafter's Pick Incredibly Tacky~ It really sticks! An all purpose glue, fast grabbing, fast drying and flexible.  Great for gluing odd shapes, fabric, wood, paper, ceramics, glass, leather, some plastics and metallic surfaces.  Non toxic and water based.  Dries clear.  8 oz size.

PVA Glue~ A popular with book artists.  A professional quality adhesive that dries clear, acid-free, solvent free and water soluble.  Available in 8 oz. size only.

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