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Bone Folder~ Used to score, fold and crease paper,  a valuable asset for book makers or paper crafters.  Measures 8" long x 1" wide.  Easy to hold in your hand and work with.  Value priced.


Book Pockets~You remember these, the library used to put the return dates in these.  There are 3 sizes to choose from (the smaller one is pictured).  ALL are 3.5" wide.  The large is  6.25" high; medium is almost 5" high and small is 3.5".  Make a book with them or use them to alter your scrapbook pages, altered books, put them on your cards and fill with a pull out image or magnet.  Each size is a Pkg/3.

Book Board~Thick and sturdy for book making.  Comes packaged 4 pieces. 4.75" x 6" (1201 x15.2cm).

Binder's Needles~A set of five heavy duty needles, blunt points for binding your books or sewing the signatures. (New, lower price)


Gummed Linen Tape~High tech  neutral PH adhesive sets fast and lays flat.  I use it to make hinges in book  board.  You can also use it to hinge heavy art, reinforce books or paper artifacts, book or art repairs.  To use- tear desired length, moisten adhesive thoroughly, when it gets sticky then apply.  It dries strong and will not creep. Acid free.  Pkg. 1" x 5 yards.

TIP~ Check out the corner covers for more great additions to your book project.

Linen Book Tape

Linen Binding Tape - Unbleached and unsized- suitable for sewn book   signatures, 3/8" wide and 60" long.

Linen Thread

Linen Thread~Use for sewing signatures for a book or use to bind the book.  Unwaxed, 50 yards.


Headband used on book

Cotton (100%) Head Band~ This is suitable for codex style and casebound books.  See picture at right for use (shows red headband).  This is 60" long and approx. 5/8" wide.  Natural color.


Suede Lace~ Three colors to choose from, black, cobalt blue and dark brown.  This is 1/8" thick so don't confuse with the really thin leather.  Use it for binding small books, jewelry, decoration, etc.  Pkg of 3 yards.


Screw Posts~ Also known as Chicago screws and screw off posts.  When screwed completey closed it measures 5/8" high.  The screw head measures approx 3/8".  Made of aluminum and 16 pcs. in pkg.

Find PVA Book Making Adhesive on our Adhesives Page.


Extend your book board supply by using the book board for the back of the book and using nice weight cover stock for the front.

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