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Terrifically Tacky Tape

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Tacky Tape~  The perfect craft tape.  It is very strong, and it will hold just about anything-beads,  glitter, foils, no hole beads (micro beads) to wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper- to name a few.  It is double sided, heat resistant, non-toxic, acid free and transparent.  You can emboss with it.  Hint: run it around a domino and add beads, glitter or fibers to it.  
 There are 4 sizes to meet your needs: 
1.  Roll of 1/8" x 5 yards. (The narrowest size)
2.  Roll of 1/4" x 5 yards.
3.  Roll of 1/2" x 5 yards
4.  Roll of 1 1/16" x 5 yards

Tacky Tape Roll~ 1/8" x 5 Yards

Tacky Tape Roll- 1/4" x 5 yards

Tacky Tape Roll~ 1/2" x 5 yards

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Tacky Tape Roll~  1 1/16" x 5 yards


Cigar box decorated with tacky tape and micro beads, unounted RS goddess stamped in clay and a cast face bead embedded for her face and Victorian shoe tiles.

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