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EYELETS- Don't forget to use The Book Wizard Tool for the ultimate in precise eyelet placement.

I am sorry but due to circumstances beyond my control, I will have to suspend sales of The Book Wizard Tool until further notice.  I am sorry for your inconvenience.

The main benefit of The Book Wizard Tool is the ease of use and  time saving for your book arts.  It also includes a mechanical pencil and detailed instructions to create 5 stunning book projects. 
 No More Measuring for Hole Placement!

This product is very special in the fact that it was a co-creation between  Lisa Ohmer of European Papers and myself (Corrine Byers).  There was a definite need for a template to help book artists create beautiful  hand bound books with ease and simplicity.  It was particularly exciting to see this product go from an idea in my head, onto paper and then to the manufacturing process.  It was even more gratifying to have it be and perform better than I even expected it would.  As a graphic designer, Lisa also designed the logo for Articus Studio.
Thank you for viewing this screen.

Sorry- will have to suspend wholesale sales of The Book Wizard Tool until further notice.
The Book Wizard Tool is available for wholesale.  Please e-mail or call for wholesale information.