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Oriental Charm

Oriental Charm Collage Cards~Either of these beautiful Oriental women will make a great addition to your art project.  You will receive 6 of each style, a total of 12 pieces.  They measure 2 1/4" wide and 3 1/2" high.

Athenian Pony Beads

Athenian Pony Beads~Olde world appeal -antique ivory in color and look.  Package of 7 beads to enhance your art project or your jewelry designs.  Measures approx. 1/2" in length.

Glass Dice Beads

Czech Glass Dice Beads~Measures 4x8mm in assorted colors, package of 7.

Glass Bead Mix

Glass Bead Mix~An eclectic assortment of beads in black, red, clear, grey and frosted glass colors.  Different shapes include round, square dice, oblong, floral and more.  Embellish your art projects or use in your  jewelry designs.  33 Grams.

Book Charm

"Book" Charm~Fun embellishment in raw brass for your books, cards, jewelry and clay projects.  Measures 20x12mm.  Package of 9 charms.

Square Bead Face

Square Face Cast Bead~Antique bronze in color, this bead is a real favorite of mine.  It is a cast bead so the image is on both sides.  The bead hole goes thru at the nose area.  This one will lend a truly artistic look to any project.

Round Face

Round Charm Face~You decide- is it just a round face or is it a moon face?
Whatever-it is a fun face charm..  Package of 12.

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