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Daisy Casting Mold

Lovely Leaves Cast Mold

Casting Molds~ Select a Dandy Daisy Cast Mold, Lovely Leaves Cast Mold or Grand Gingko Leaf Cast Mold.  They come with complete instructions and ideas to create a timeless molded masterpiece.

Casting Mold Examples

Create beautiful castings with polymer clay, embossable metal, air dry clay, ultra thick embossing enamel, paper pulp and/or cotton linter and friendly plastic-to name a few. 

Cotton Linter Casting Squares

Cotton Linter Casting Squares~Easy to use with casting molds, just blend, pat pulp in mold, remove excess water and peel off cast.  Complete instructions and decorating ideas included144 - 1"x1" squares.

Note Pad Book Kit

Note Pad Book Kit~This kit contains 12 cover boards 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" and 6 spines to cover six  3"x3" note pads.  It is a quick and easy project that has complete instructions.  You provide the decorative paper.  It is a great way to showcase your cast mold projects.   A wonderful gift idea.

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