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Coccoina Adhesives~These archival quality adhesives have been around for quite awhile but not widely distributed in the U.S. They are made by Zenith products in Italy.   I have been a fan for several years and now have the opportunity to introduce you to them.  They are great for layering, pictures, photos, tissue paper, fabric and book making.  All are non-toxic and dry clear.

Coccoina 88 Adhesive
Flexible rubber applicator tip great for control on smaller applicatioins.

Liquid adhesive, 25 grs., great for controlling adhesive application and flow due to its flexible angled applicator. 

Coccoina 81 Adhesive
Great for broad applications due to flat sponge applicator tip.
Liquid adhesive, 100 grs., the sponge applicator measures approximately
1 1/8" across.  Controlled application, great for larger areas.

Coccoina Paste~Packaged in tin, 125 grs., comes with handy brush applicator stored in center of tin-always handy.  Has pleasant almond aroma.  Great for book making.  This is the first Coccoina product I tried and fell in love with.  I use it for many adhesive applications. 

Coccoina Stick Adhesive

Coccoina Stick Lakol adhesive, solvent free, 20 grams size.

The Ultimate - Crafter's Pick

The Ultimate!~ I believe it is.  This water based, non-toxic super glue adheres to metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, vinyls, painted and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather, paper and more.  It is great for gluing your favorite found objects to your project.  It is also useable as a water base contact cement for non-porous materials by coating both surfaces, allow it to go clear and them immediately press together.  Replaces toxic glues, cements and hot glue.  A great universal household glue.  Great also for pin backs, jewelry settings and so on.  .  8 ounce size.

Yes Glue~I have used this many times for my book projects.  It dries clear, and is acid free for archival work.  You can use it with paper, leather, cloth, tin, wood, vinyl, glass, metal and more.  Comes in a 1lb. 3 oz jar (593gm).  Apply with brush.

PVA Glue~A popular with book artists.  A professional quality adhesive that dries clear, acid-free, solvent free and water soluble.  Comes in two sizes, 4 ozs and 8 ozs.